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Open Science

I subscribe to principles of open science and reproducible research. I have signed the commitment to research transparency, originally developed by Felix Schönbrodt. I encourage you to read the twelve points of this commitment, but in brief, signatories try to provide raw data, and reproducible computer code, with every submitted manuscript, and ask for both of these from other authors whose work they are reviewing.

I am also a signatory of the Peer Reviewers’ Openness Initiative, originally developed by Richard Morey, and others. The goals of the PRO intiative are similar to the intiative for research transparency, but they focus on how reviewers can shape the field towards more open science. Again, it is worth to go to the link and read all points of the initiative, but in brief, reviewers are encouraged to request raw data and computer code to be truly able to confirm that stated conclusions in a paper correspond to the analysis that was used.

In order to provide raw data and computer code, I am currently using OSF and GitHub. I started in late 2016 to do this for all of my papers, but there is some backlog for older papers. I will try to upload data and code for older papers, but if you urgently require some older files, feel free to email me. I can typically retrieve anything that was written after 2012 pretty quickly. For even older papers, it might take a little longer, but I will try my best.